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Kitchen Lights

Once in a while we are afforded a moment of clarity in our day. It can be intimidating this concept of clarity, something which challenges us to live up to expectations. Clarity; the truth revealed, but what will we find.

But what if it wasn’t always to shed light on things still to do in that innumerable list of the actions to be ticked off and completed.



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Picker Cups

The room mugs

When I first saw them at a garage sale a few summers back, I didn’t realize they were picker mugs.



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Church Bazaar

A frosted christmas ball with blue lightsSeason's greetings! I find this greeting a wonderful way to celebrate a time, indeed a whole Season- Advent, Winter Solstice, New Year, the whole thing- rich in light and Joy and Divine message and Warmth. I don't think it is a joy restricted to Christmas or specific parties and I try and stretch the season a little more every year and one way to start it early is to go to Christmas bazaars!

A church bazaar is one of the most festive places I know.



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Memories of France

We were away for a bit. When we came back, my dad went into the hospital for over a month, so you so, I've been quiet for a reason. But now that I'm back I thought I would let you know:
What I miss...
I miss the coffee percolator in Paris. I miss its weight, the clunking sound it made when you put its aluminium body together, the coffee in the middle.



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