Each other's houses

our Maine Coon cat Arou snoozing on the bed We've been to Carole's house, one neighbour to take care of her cat, she's been to our house to take care of ours. But when she came by, the visit didn't end at the place where we keep the cat food; she couldn't help exclaiming about some things and we were prompted to show her others. She liked our deep windowsills in the kitchen, she said they reminded her of period homes. I had no idea she liked period styles and atmosphere.

Then there's the gentleman who does business with my husband and who lives a couple of streets away who dropped by at Christmastime just to say hi! and rather then just exchange a few words on the enclosed porch, we had him come and sit down nice and cozy in the living room. a felt star hanging from greenery at christmas in front of an antiqe oak mantleHe stayed there for a while, told us he liked our red velvet armchair. What's more, the guy who sold us our present second hand car was talking to my husband as they completed the sale and my husband invited him in. Almost immediately the seller starts telling us he liked the period feel of the house and we chimed in with home projects we've been working on, pretty soon my husband bringing him upstairs to see the window seat we had almost finished. There was absolutely no reason for it, we didn't know this guy at all and the house was a mess. But it felt so good to do the show and tell of our house; to share with him what we've come up with, created.


I mean by this that we may not be as self-centered and defensive about our property as we generally believe we are. We human beings have managed to work it out so that beyond the everyday enticements on tv to protect ourselves from this and that and even despite a certain direction in society towards accumulating goods and guarding them at whatever cost, we've managed to stop from being all about fences.

I'm not just talking about hospitality. We open our door, not just because we get something out of it, because we want to share and that this is a way of giving. We want others to know. We want them to glimpse how we see the world in ways we can't express in words.

We're capable of great things for such little folk.

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