Reading too much: bookmarks from the past

chalktown melinda haynes ruiz zafon second hand books bookmarks book coverI read way too many books at once. Like 15, maybe 20. My friend Genney seriously requested I consider making it my New Year's resolution to just have a couple of books going at once. She has nothing against reading, she is an avid reader herself but she is concerned about my mental stability. As you may be yourself. What does it mean? Why do I do this- my explanation for it is that I am not always in the same mood- sometimes I want a Victorian mystery, sometimes I want a thought provoking-life awakening John Berger book, sometimes I want a chick lit ( especially Sophie Kinsella) and very often Carol Shields. If I've read 30 pages of a mystery, although I may find it very good, I may find myself in need of levity or turn philosophical and may decide to put down the mystery and go back to another book. Why should I read something that I ‘m not in the mood for? It's like picking a dessert from what you might have in the house: I like chocolate chip cookies but I might have the raspberry pie tonight. It would be pretty boring if I had the same dessert all week long, right? (It might also explain why I throw out so much food...)

Carol Shields second hand books book marks reading the time traveler's wife etiquette book vintage chaque maison a besoin d'un balconBut the reason I've picked this topic to revel in this week isn't because I've given up on vintage things or lost photos of people coming in from the past, it is because of pieces of past to be found directly inside books. I'm talking of course about page markers. Chocolate bar wrappers and envelopes with long forgotten addresses, bits of flyers for new restaurants, shopping lists and other delights that we all stuff in a book to hold our place and that people have left in second hand books you read. The one I found this time in a book I bought from a charity sale at work, is a train ticket, a particularly luscious item because it combines someone else's story with movement through time and movement through space. This book was being read by someone in their own story while in movement on the train towards another story.It says "Gare Centrale, Zone 1 Mont -Royal Ticket - train Reduit ( which means reduced fare- so this tells us the person who had this book was a student or perhaps a senior) valide le 2005-10-15 jusqu'a 16:35 Distributrice 1120."It's a recent past but it's someone's story, passing through mine as I'm passing through someone else's life unaware as I am doing so. Leave a love note in a book next time you return one to the library.