Mountain mug

1970's earthenware ceramic mug brown and orange tonesWhat would possess me to want to buy this? If you had shown me this mug about ten years ago, I would have made all the appropriate jokes of “I’m sure it would be a nice mug if you can wash off the crud that’s growing on it ” and “oh, my gosh, that’s like stuff my parents used to have when I was growing up in the 70’s!”

So, how come I like it now.

There might be a touch of nostalgia but that’s not entirely it, it really appeals to me. There is something to be said about handmade things. Something that speaks of human beings’ need to express themselves and more than that, their need to add experience to the world. Their need to shape something of the world and experience the hope that it can bring.

I love that people who are potters use their body to breathe life into something and they can’t help but put their best into that. I love that it would be easier to just buy something that already exists but someone said “ let me try another version of that”

I love its seared clay colours, natural as though the sun had burnt beautiful metal and rock together. Those particular orange and fire hues, where the glaze shines most, like a lake at twilight reflecting the red liquid sun. Odd yolky streaks and mountain ranges under torrid skies in frontiers unknown. Such is my mug.