Kitchen Lights

Once in a while we are afforded a moment of clarity in our day. It can be intimidating this concept of clarity, something which challenges us to live up to expectations. Clarity; the truth revealed, but what will we find.

But what if it wasn’t always to shed light on things still to do in that innumerable list of the actions to be ticked off and completed. What if it showed us blessings we already have, choices we have already made.


On this sunny snowy day, I made my way to the kitchen to have a drink of water before bringing the laundry to the basement.

Suddenly the kitchen was transformed into a quiet landscape of mellow toned china and warm hued pots and pans. A playland of reflected snow. The same light that streaked the white cupboards and red sauce pans, the dings in the metal pot and the water stains on the coffee pot seemed to also be reflected inside me and to spark in my soul.

I saw the kitchen as it could have been shown to me as a teenager, a young adult, someone saying “this will be yours one day. This will be your home, part of your life” and I thought that if someone had shown this to me, the kitchen today in this moment, the kitchen and what is going through my heart today as I look at it, although I may have had other plans, other homes in mind, this is surely what I would have wanted. This is the kitchen moment I would have picked.

Is it the light, the warmth, the pleasant colours and shapes of the dishes, of the space framed by the large window.

Is it knowing there is joy to anticipate from those appliances, toast from the toaster to enjoy with strawberry jam given by a friend, an efficient coffee maker which will brew delectable coffee, a rich flavour on this cold day.

It is perhaps knowing, that things turn out in the end. That moments like this exist juxtaposed to those that are harder, harsher.That through rough times and in spite of a society which often pushes for more, you can still feel peace and relish contentment in a kitchen which shines in your eyes as fulfilling as any place in the world. A life which will come and surprise you despite its disappointments and show you that you are still capable of recognizing hope and that you can renew trust.