On balconies and porches

There is yet another take on porches; the makeshift porch. Every year in my neighborhood, the summer is heralded by a group of gentleman who live in an apartment complex. The garage to their complex gives unto a small strip mall and keeping in mind it will be shady there, they set up sundry living room and dining room chairs in the cavernous opening of the scruffy garage and sit there with their arms crossed, exchanging anecdotes and shooting the breeze. The scene can be considered tacky and rightly so but who is going to give the example of a casual, relaxed nothing to it day if these guys don’t do it- certainly not the people always fussing , their porch looking like it’s been licked clean. And so, still thinking they could at least get folding chairs from Canadian Tire, I applaud them. One of the chairs is gold plush with pompom fringe so you know this dude is consistently tasteful.  I draw the line here. Dude? Just… no.
I may have seen a lot of things I wouldn’t decorate a porch with myself, some things make me laugh, some things are downright painful but they make my heart skip a beat for all the life they reveal, beauty that would remain hidden if not for this transparent hallway of the house and if I pass in front of yours I will more than likely linger… 

I would love to be invited on your porch and to hear your porch stories. Were you told stories on the porch, what is your porch like what do you try and have it be, do you talk to people as they pass by from your porch, do they stop and chat? I would love to see the view from your porch, send me pictures, watercolours, words and with your approval it is likely I will publish them.

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