The Great Glebe Garage Sale


“You are going to drive two hours and stay in Ottawa over night to go to garage sales?”, my friends asked. They tried to remain tactful and stammered reasons why this could after all make sense. But all their reasoning sounded like they were trying to calm down a crazy person.

It is difficult to explain to certain people the lure of the garage sale adventure, it is inebriating, it is multi layered. It is a journey. 

Past the fields of quaint wooden shelves and clown canvases and desk lamps and period oak doors, I came to a house where many vintage things were on offer. This place was as if someone had plundered an attic and laid their treasure on the ground to boast about their loot and share it with other worthy pirates. Lovely vintage linens and variegated fabrics, creamy hats with roses, like tiny cakes from another time, chunky retro jewelry and hypnotizing cobalt and ruby glass.

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