victorian ladies sitting at the bottom of a rock formation At first I thought this group picture was taken in Egypt. Why would I think this? It's obviously not a pyramid at the base of which the posers are sitting but perhaps the angle from which the picture was taken, emphasizing the obelisk shape of the structure is what made my think of Egypt. But there's something else. The group looks unreal, a lyrical version of a holiday, and its imaginary essence compels me. They are people at play, outside their normal setting, their expected behavior.


 Were you to stop them in the middle of taking this picture, they would themselves probably be surprised at how unlike themselves they are in this moment. And so we too must seem to others at different moments in our lives- as we evolve in our daily activities or in our places of fantasy while on our own trip to a romantic place, we appear imaginary and inspiring or real and intriguing. People must surely question their perspective when they see us just as I questioned mine. We make people think. And people from across time still make us wonder. Nothing is irredeemable.